Wednesday, September 5, 2012


There is one day only to spend in confinement period. Macam tak percaya je, dah nak habis pantang. Lagi tak percaya, i already being a mother. Rasa baru semalam tamatkan pengajian, dapat kerja, berjoli dengan duit sendiri, then kahwin, tup-tup dah ada baby depan mata. Never ending happy journey in my life. ^_^
And its have been a year, 4 days being someone wife kepada lelaki yang i fall in love since 6 years ago. Macam tak percaya, after finish my study, he propose me for the first time but that time i not ready yet to be a wife (a mother, lagilah tak ready).
But, my man never stop his effort just like that. In his 3rd trial to made me  be his wife, i think i am ready enough (:-P). Ready in my term was i have a job , money, saving and car that time! (well, maybe its sound not really good achievment for a career women today to be married in early age but for me its just a basic thing that i want before get married. AND, what else i want when i have a good man beside me to be my husband, also a loving father for my child later. Insya Allah).
So, after 5 years, 8 month get along together as a lovers couple, in 1 September 2011 we had ijab and qabul as a condition of becoming husband and wife. Alhamdulillah, everything going well and now sudah setahun  kami bersama and had a lot memory together.
Being a wife for my dear husband not so difficult but its very fun. He make everything goes easy and simple in our married life. His character not-cerewet  at all and full of love is the key, why i love him so much for 7 years. And i hope its never change forever. And, for our 1st anniversary, i would like to dedicated your love in this blog. Thanks for everything biey.

Rasanya macam baru semalam kita plan nak kahwin, looking for barang-barang for our marriage and now, we became a father and mother for our beloved daughter, Naurah. Times goes so fast. I still remember why i choose not to accept your 1st propose 6 tahun lepas and FYI, one of the stupid reason was i really afraid to deliver a baby. HAHAHAHA (What a stupid mentality i had that time!) 
Fear most kot nak deliver baby. Once dah kahwin pun, target nak pregnant after one year married tapi dah rezeki Allah s.w.t. bagi awal, so we accept that dengan hati yang gembira. Dah tak ingat semua ketakutan tu. Dah lupa semua ketakutan tu. And, the "that" fear most i feel turn to the most happy moment i and husband can't wait to get . A baby. DAH TAK TAKUT NAK BERSALIN? I pernah share my thought HERE.

Macam tu jugak masa mula-mula nak kahwin, macam-macam difikirkan. Bersedia ke nak pikul tanggungjawab as a wife. Mampu ke nak buat semua kerja rumah? and suddenly bila dah kahwin, all the skills comes naturally. Suprising. And i know, selagi kita tak menghadapi sesuatu with our own, selagi tulah kita tak tahu where is our level. Just face it, and you will know how married life fun to be. And how good you can to be as a wife for your beloved husband. ^_^

Biey, sayang mungkin bukan isteri terbaik di dunia tapi sayang janji, sayang akan menjadi isteri yang terbaik untuk biey di dunia dan akhirat. Insya Allah. 

P.S. :
Happy 1st Anniversary Biey..
Thanks for being a  great husband for me and wonderful father for my daughter. Love you always. ^_^

Ibu and Naurah.

I should write this entry on 1 September but i cant effort it. Busy with my new task as mother for my baby Naurah.  FYI, on 36 days, Naurah  was 4.7kg weight. ^_^
There is no laws or guidelines to be a good wife and husband but there is a key to becoming a good wife and great husband.. LOVE FOREVER AND BE A GREAT TEAM.



  1. Sweet! klu dah jodoh, mmg tak ke mana. Anyway, happy anniversary!

  2. alahai sweetnya i baca entry ni...happy anniversary dear...semoga bahagia selalu :)

  3. happy anniversary :)
    may allah grant happinies in ur marriage :)

  4. tup tup, dah ade menantu...tup tup da dapat cucu...hihi..

    epy anniversary yang...:)


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